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AGU Mesh Nebulizer Tomchi (AGU N8)


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- Quiet and discreet
- Compact & Portable size
- Micro USB operation
- Automatic switch off in case of lack of medicine
- Medication condensate collecting tank
- Membrane cleaning mode to remove drug residue
- Low battery warning
- Particle size MMAD 3,6 µm


AGU Mesh Nebulizer Tomchi

Children do not like to sit still for too long and the loud noise from compressor nebulizers can scare them.

With the AGU Nebulizer Tomchi, children will like to do their inhalations and they can hold the device themselves.

The AGU Nebulizer Tomchi is specifically designed to cure catarrhal diseases of the respiratory tract in children. The aerosol particle size (MMAD) of 3,6 μm allows the medicine to act directly on the diseased sites that are localized in the trachea and bronchi.
Its nebulization rate (over 0.35 ml/min) helps to carry out the procedure faster than usual; a child can easily undergo an inhalation within the short timeframe. This lightweight, silent and compact nebulizer will be your handy helper in health around your home and when travelling.

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AGU Mesh Nebulizer Tomchi