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Arab Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker (JLS-170E)


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Capacity: 800 ml
Dry protection & safe use: yes
Keep-warm function: Yes
Digital display: Yes


The Arabic JLS 170E Electric Coffee Maker lets you make traditional Arabian coffee without breaking a sweat. This coffee maker, which comes with a stainless steel kettle and a heater base with digital display, is very easy to use and clean. The kettle has that distinct Arabic styling. Its long spout ensures that you do not spill any coffee while pouring. The coffee maker allows you to brew that perfect Arabian style coffee at home in six easy steps. In a single serving, this Arabic coffee machine can brew more than 30 small cups in its kettle. The machine keeps coffee hot for about two hours straight. The dry protection feature of this coffee maker automatically turns the appliance off if there insufficient water in the kettle. The appliance comes with a measurement spoon, filter and carry bag. This coffee maker is very safe to use and can also be used as a water boiler.


Make sumptuous Arabic coffee in your home, effortlessly, with this coffee maker, which is very easy to use. You can also clean the appliance with ease, and thus keep it properly maintained. This coffee maker comes with dry protection feature, which automatically switches off the heater base if there an insufficient amount of water in the kettle.


The Arabic JLS 170E Electric Coffee Maker reviews boast of its high quality built. The holding capacity of its stainless steel kettle is 800ml, which is sufficient for more than 30 small cups of coffee. Moreover, the appliance keeps your brewed coffee hot for about 120 minutes, thanks to its keep warm function.


More Information
Capacity 800 ml
Dry protection & safe use Yes
Keep-hot function Yes
Easy to clean Yes
Digital display Yes
Materials Stainless steel
Rated voltage 220 V~240 V, 50/60 Hz
Other Can be used as water boiler