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Flash energy: 1600 J
F-stop: 64 2/10
Charging time: 0.02 — 0.6 s, speed mode 0.02 — 0.4 s (230 V)
Flashes per second: up to 50 
Control range: over 9 f-stops in 1/10 or 1/1 f-stop intervals
Stabilisation of the colour temperature (ECTC) over the whole control range: Automatic 
The power output of each of the 3 lamp outlets: can be adjusted independently
Choice of the colour temperature shift: individual
Works with voltages from: 100 — 240 V

Service: Minimum warranty is 2 years for most of the products.



The TIPA Award winner Scoro S is the first choice for exceptional pictures. You can let your artistic imagination run free. With Scoro S, broncolor sets no less than four world records, and remains the major influence in modern flash technology. Thanks to the numerous power distribution options at constant light quality, many of them unique, this power pack is the ideal light source in professional photography. Charging times as short as 0,02 s, a 10-f-stop control range at constant colour temperature, colour temperature adjustable in 200 K intervals, and three independent channels with precisely the same colour temperature are just a few of its functions for outstanding pictures.

Cut-off technology:
Flash duration and light output are the two decisive factors in light control.
A microprocessor in Scoro and Move power packs will calculate for you
the shortest or longest flash duration for a given output. This enables rapid
flash sequences with up to 50 flashes per second.

Constant colour temperature – ECTC:
Scoro S, Scoro E and Move are the only studio flash system which can maintain colour temperature over the entire power range at all outputs, or, when you need to, change it in calibrated steps of +/- 200 K at constant power (only Scoro S). The second generation of our patented ECTC (Enhanced Color Temperature Control) technology, which adapts flash voltage and flash duration to each other, achieves a constant colour temperature over the entire variation range at all lamps.
When multiple lamp heads are connected, constant color temperature is guaranteed on all channels up to an asymmetry of two f-stops.

Individual power distribution:
The Scoro S has three lamp outlets, the Scoro E and Move power packs have two each. Each lamp outlet has an individual power controller with LED display, which is adjustable independently of the other outlets. The unit therefore behaves like three (or two) independent power packs. You have a choice of up to 11 f-stops to set the flash output you need. That is a control range from 3 to 3200 J.

Speed Mode:
In Speed Mode the charging time and flash duration are reduced by up to
50 %, and the maximum flash energy is reduced by 25%. In this way you can achieve up to ten exposures per second at full output, or up to 50 at reduced power. This makes Scoro and Move power packs the ultimate flash unit wherever speed is of the essence. And with its fan cooling even long flash series are no problem.

Additional Information

Additional Information

flash energy 1600 J
f-stop 64 2/10
charging time 0.02 — 0.6 s, speed mode 0.02 — 0.4 s (230 V)
flashes per second  up to 50 
control range over  9 f-stops in 1/10 or 1/1 f-stop intervals
automatic stabilisation of the
colour temperature (ECTC) 
over the whole control range
lamp outlets 3 lamp outlets, the power output of each of the 3 lamp outlets
can be adjusted independently
colour temperature shift individual choice of the colour temperature shift
works with voltages  from 100 — 240 V

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