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Bunna Oro Lungo 10 Capsules (BUNNA ORO LUNGO)

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Quantity: 10
Intensity: 4/13
Compatible with: Nespresso coffee machine

"Longo Oro" coffee

This product is based on pure Arabica coffee 100%, which makes it light, aromatic and delicious in natural warm temperatures and heat due to the caffeine content in the sugar content of this type of other types.
These distinctive features of the "Longo Oro" are an ideal choice for evening moments.
Light roasting was adopted in the “Longo Oro” product, which contributed to its acquisition of a light color and a pleasant aromatic smell due to the high percentage of sugars with light roasting degrees.
Lungo Oro is packed in a protected atmosphere, in elegant aluminum containers that preserve their quality and wonderful flavor from the moment they travel from their factories until they reach you.

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Quantity 10
Intensity 4/13
Compatible with Nespresso coffee machine