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Dolce Gusto Nescafe Chococino Chocolate Capsule -16 Capsule (CHOCOCINO)

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Compatibility: Dolce Gusto coffee machine
Product Type: Capsule
Flavor: Hot Chocolate

Rich, Velvety Hot Chocolate

Enjoy an indulgent Hot Chocolate: This rich, velvety hot chocolate is made with the finest cocoa beans and finished with a frothy layer of creamy whole milk. It’s the ultimate indulgence – for kids and adults alike. A truly gourmet hot chocolate. A rich, velvety hot chocolate made with the finest cocoa beans. Devilishly smooth hot chocolate with a delicate layer of frothy milk, Chococino is the ultimate indulgence.

Smooth Chococino Tastes

Chocolate lovers rejoice: our satiny and smooth Chococino tastes just as good as it sounds, and with your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine you can enjoy this coffee-shop quality hot chocolate whenever you like. Easy on the eye and even easier on the tastebuds, the balance of cocoa and frothy milk create a truly magical hot chocolate experience.

Delicious Level Of Sweetness

Dolce gusto nescafe combined to provide you with a delicious level of sweetness, there’s no need to add anything to this gorgeously comforting drink. Thanks to the maximum 15 bar-pump pressure of your beautifully designed coffee machine, your drink looks just as good as it tastes.

Enjoy Chococino Every Time

Enjoy this Chococino on cool mornings, frosty afternoons, or whenever you fancy an alternative to your usual hot drink. Its chocolatey smell is almost as irresistible as its delectable taste, making it a hit with friends and visitors too. To enjoy the Chococino in all its glory, from the deep chocolate liquid to the light milk foam layer, show it off in one of our specially designed glass cups.

Coffeehouse Quality Drinks

Experience the most delicious way to start your morning or unwind after work with these indulgent Nescafe Dolce Gusto selections: Mocha, Chococino. Capsule system is the quickest way to get coffeehouse quality drinks without the messy cleanup. Just pop in the capsule and you’re seconds away from a single-serve coffee experience.


Simply slide the chocolate capsule first and then the milk capsule into your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine Your Chococino will be ready right away

More Information
Compatibility Dolce Gusto coffee machine
Product Type Capsule

A Rich Velvety Hot Chocolate Made With The Finest Cocoa Beans

A Smooth Hot Chocolate With The Full Flavor Of Specially Selected Cocoa Beans

Rounded Off With A Delicate Layer Of Frothy Milk

Deliciously Good, Creamy, Hot Chocolate

Chococino Is The Ultimate Indulgence For You