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Face Shield protective Mask – SmartLine (FPS1A)


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- Protects eyes and face from the droplet
- High Clarity Made of P.E.T
- Anti Fog from breathing and cooking steam
- Full face protection
- Light and comfortable to wear
- Compatible with Eyeglasses
- Free size
- Unisex
- Safe and Unbreakable

Smartline Face Shield Provide full protection for Face & eyes against flying droplet. The high-quality, Smartline face shield is unbreakable, Guarantee High Clarity because it is made of P.E.T., it is free size unisex & easy to clean. It is light and comfortable to wear for long period, compatible with Eyeglasses & high-temperature resistant

Suitable for company employees, stores, markets, restaurants, cafes, and all jobs that require dealing with the public. It is suitable for all family members, domestic workers, and when visiting hospitals, government departments, banks, and public places

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