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GOPRO HEAD STRAP QUICKCLIP compatible with All GoPro Camera (G02ACHOM-001)


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Compatibility: All GoPro camera models
Mount Type: Head strap with QuickClip
Clamp Range: 0.12 - 0.4" (3 - 10 mm)
Material: Polycarbonate; Neoprene; Velcro
Captures: Headlamp-Like POV Footage

The GoPro Head Strap + QuickClip includes a head strap and GoPro's QuickClip. Together, they support a variety of head-mounting options. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, the head strap can be worn over a helmet or directly on your head to capture footage from a headlamp-like POV perspective. The QuickClip enables compact, low-profile mounting, and it can even be used to attach your GoPro to a backwards baseball cap or any other 0.12 to 0.4" thick object. The Head Strap and QuickClip are recommended for use during non-impact activities only.

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