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Soil Mananasi 250g (SOIL-MANANASI)

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Notes: Pineapple, dried fruits, chocolate

Soil Mananasi.

We had an unforgettable and enjoyable experience last year with this special crop, which has become an icon at Sewell Roastery.

It comes to you from an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, in a fertile and ideal land for the growth of coffee cherries in Uganda, in the Kinja Kayanza province in particular.

The Mananasi story begins when the Great Lakes Coffee team made a unique social experience that deserves to be told. They decided that the team would work hard to improve the quality of coffee from an area that was known for producing Arabica coffee of low quality and cheap compared to its counterparts from Uganda, and they worked for that By developing a special program for farmer training, whereby the trained team promotes the formation of farmers with a leadership role in the community and provides intensive and in-depth training courses in agricultural engineering, processing and harvesting methods, after which 35 members of small farmers are assigned to each leading farmer, these groups are evaluated Through the financial reward per unit, the higher the quality of the coffee, the higher the wages of the working group. The leading farmer gets an additional bonus for the double training he provides to his colleagues as an incentive and a guarantee of the knowledge he transfers to them efficiently during the training.

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Weight 250g
Notes  Pineapple, dried fruits, chocolate