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Solis Vacuum Sealer Premium Type 574


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» For moist, dry, soft and hard food
» Pulse Vacuum function
» Instant Seal function
» Hygienic and easy to clean
» Suitable for vacuum containers

The Solis Vac Premium is a vacuum-packing system with many advanced functions for those who are looking to reduce food waste and save money by preserving food for up to 4 times longer without the use of preservatives.

The machine features 2 operating modes for dry and moist food and even offers an advanced Pulse Vacuum function to vacuum pressure-sensitive and delicate food. This function allows for full manual control of the vacuuming process ensuring the food is not exposed to too much pressure.

After vacuuming, the on-demand Seal function instantly seals vacuumed food. It is of great help when you simply want to make a bag from a roll and therefore need to seal one end of the bag. When using the automatic Vacuum & Seal mode, the Seal function can also be used to stop the vacuuming process immediately and start sealing.

Use rolls and bags with a width of up to 30 cm to vacuum food or vacuum food stored in closed vacuum containers with the help of the suction hose the machine is equipped with.

Its hygienic design is reflected in the fingerprint-proof cover made of high-quality stainless steel and a control panel that can be cleaned from food remains easily and hygienically at the same time. An integrated drip tray reliably collects moist released from moist food during the vacuuming process. The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning.

You cannot only preserve food using the Solis Vac Premium. The vacuum-sealed bags are also perfectly suitable for sous-vide cooking. Take your cooking skills to the next level and explore the many options!



Made for All Foods

Dry, moist, hard or soft food, pressure-sensitive food; this advanced vacuum machine is equipped to handle it all.



Pulse Vacuum Function

Simply vacuum-pack even the most pressure-sensitive, delicate food using the special Pulse Vacuum function.



Hygienic Design

Easy to use and clean control panel and a specially coated stainless-steel cover that leaves no fingerprints.




Removable Drip Tray

If there is excess moisture released from moist vacuuming goods, it will be collected in the removable drip tray for easy cleaning.



With Suction Hose

With suction hose to enable for vacuuming food stored in vacuum containers.



Instant Seal Function

The Seal function stops the vacuuming process and starts sealing vacuumed food instantly.


More About Solis Vacuum Sealer Premium - Stainless Steel

Have you brought fresh fish, juicy strawberries or a spicy cheese from the weekly market? Have you cooked several portions, but don't want to eat everything immediately? The vacuum sealer Solis Vac Premium helps you with the daily storage of freshly bought or opened up food to reduce food waste and save money. Its powerful suction pump vacuum-packs your food instantly with a power of 9 litres per minute.

In a vacuumed state your food will be neatly and safely packed. When storing food in the freezer, the vacuum will protect the food from freezer burn.

As with many products made by Solis, this vacuum machine is designed with a clever hidden storage compartment for unused cable and even for the supplied vacuum hose, enabling you to securely store the hose close at hand and reducing the risk of it getting lost.


» Powerful Suction Pump

With a power of 9 l/minute food can be vacuum-packed instantly.

» Protects From Freezer Burn

Vacuum-packed food is effectively protected from freezer burn, reducing food waste.

» Extra Strong Weld Seam

Extra strong weld seam of 2.5 mm safely keeps food vacuum-packed for optimal food preservation.


» Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Equipped with non-slip rubber feet for a steady grip at all times.

» Hidden Storage

Useful storage compartment in the base of the appliance wraps up and hides unused cable. Conveniently store the vacuum hose in the appliance.

» In the Package

Vacuum machine coming with 5 bags in size 20 x 30 cm, 5 bags in size 30 x 40 cm and a vacuum hose.

More Information
Type 574
Weight 1600
Height 7
Width 37
Depth 14.5
Finish Matte
Automatic switch-off No
Control options Buttons
Display No
Power Watt 110
Standby mode No
Timer No
What can be adjusted Type of function
Newsletter about this product type No
BPA free No
Part of Solis loyalty program? No
Used product returned for free No
Recipes included No
Vacuum sealer functionality Dry foodstuffs, Moist foodstuffs, Delicate foodstuffs
separate vacuum and seal option Yes
Including vacuum tube? No
Removable drip tray Yes
Integrated reel holder? No
Including cutter No
Double sealed No
Work pressure 0.8 bar
Pulse function Yes
Marinating function Yes
Instant sealing function Yes
Automatic sealing Yes
Manual sealing Yes
Made in China