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Canon RF600mm F11 IS STM Lens (RF600MM)

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◼ First Compact and Lightweight 600mm Super Telephoto RF Lens.
◼ vExcellent Portability made Easier with an Extending/Retracting Locking Lens Barrel Design.
◼ Gapless double-layer Diffractive Optics (DO) reduce Chromatic Aberration for High Image Quality.
◼ High Image Quality at a fixed f/11 Aperture.
◼ Optical Image Stabilization with up to 5 Stops* of Shake Correction.
◼v Lead Screw-type STM enables Smooth Autofocusing for Still-image and Video Shooting.
◼ Control Ring for Direct Setting Changes.
◼ 12-pin Communication System.

The First Compact and Lightweight 600mm Super Telephoto Lens in the RF Lineup

The RF600mm F11 IS STM super-telephoto lens provides a long 600 millimeter focal length and is the first compact and lightweight 600mm super telephoto lens in the RF lineup. This lens is ideal for bird, wildlife, outdoor sports, and aviation. The size of this lens, and it's retracting design, make it a highly portable option which can be stored easily in a camera bag and the built-in optical image stabilization with up to 5 stops of shake correction* makes it easy to use either hand-held or with a monopod. The RF600mm F11 IS STM lens will also accept an RF 1.4X or 2.0X teleconverter^ to increase your focal length to 840mm or 1200mm respectively.

First Compact and Lightweight 600mm Super Telephoto RF Lens.

The RF600mm F11 IS STM Lensis the first 600mm super-telephoto in the RF lens lineup and is more portable than its EF counter parts in this category because of its design advantage. The 600mm range provides a far reach not only in distance to the subject, but also in terms of who can access it with its affordable price, smaller super-telephoto footprint, and lighter weight.

Excellent Portability made Easier with an Extending / Retracting Locking Lens Barrel Design


With a design that enables you to retract the lens barrel when not shooting, the lens is even more compact so it can more easily be stored or carried in a bag with additional lenses and accessories. When you’re ready to shoot, just unlock to extend the lens barrel, lock it in place for stability and capture your shots, then unlock, retract, and store again to easily move to your next destination.

High Image Quality at a fixed f/11 Aperture

Impressive results are always the goal and with the RF600mm lens and its use of diffractive optic elements, chromatic aberration can be significantly reduced to achieve clear images with minimal color fringing, even at a fixed aperture of F11. This means detailed results of landscapes and more, even from a distance.

Optical Image Stabilization with up to 5 Stops* of Shake Correction

Steady and clear images aren’t always the easiest to come by, especially when shooting with a super-telephoto lens, but with the powerful image stabilization function in the RF600mm, you can feel far more confident it won’t be an issue. Whether shooting handheld or with a monopod, the built-in IS with up to 5 stops* of shake correction helps to significantly reduce camera shake to stabilize the image and get you the results you want and need.

Control Ring for Direct Setting Changes

The RF600mm F11 IS STM has a separate, independent control ring that is located towards the front of the lens, which can be used for immediate exposure adjustments during still and video shooting. With the control ring, you can customize its dial to directly adjust settings such as shutter speed, lens aperture, exposure compensation and ISO. For photographers and moviemakers who would prefer a silent control ring, the clicking mechanism can be removed by a Canon service provider for a fee.

Lead Screw-type STM enables Smooth Autofocusing for Still-image and Video Shooting

The use of a lead screw-type STM focus motor means smooth and quiet autofocus can be achieved whether you’re shooting stills or tracking a subject while shooting video. While it’s nice to be near-silent anyway, it’s especially important in instances where you’re trying to capture the flight of a wild bird or the relaxation of a wild animal. With the STM feature of the RF600mm, you can capture the scene while significantly reducing the chance of the subject being disturbed.

More Information
Focal Length & Maximum Aperture
600mm, f/11
Minimum Focusing Distance
14.76 ft / 4.5m
Maximum Magnification
Lens Construction
10 elements in 7 groups
Special Elements
DO Lens(Gapless double-layer diffractive optics)
Filter Size Diameter
Aperture Blades
IS (CIPA standard correction effect)
5 Stops (When using the EOS R)
Minimum Overall Length

When shooting: approx. 10.61 in. / 269.5 mm,
When retracted: approx. 7.85 in. / 199.5 mm
Maximum Outer Diameter x Length
Approx. 3.66 in x 10.6 in. / 93mm x 269.5mm
Approx. 2.05 lbs. / 930g