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Philips Air Purifier and Humidifier (AC2729/90)

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◼ Purifies rooms up to 85 m²
◼ 330 m³/h clean air rate (CADR)
◼ 600 ml/h humidification rate
◼ Connected with CleanHome+ app

Breathe the difference

Philips 2-in-1 purifier cleans rooms up to 85 m² and quickly humidifies the air at a rate of 600 ml/h. With app control and sensors, it scans the air and automatically adjusts to humidify and clean the air of allergens and pollutants.

The 360 degree powerful airflow distributes clean air to every corner of the room at a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 330 m3/h, purifying rooms thoroughly and protecting you from bacteria, virus, pollen, dust, pet dander, dust mites, harmful gases, odors and other pollutants.

Only Philips air purifiers have a 3-layer filtration with NanoProtect HEPA, active carbon and pre-filter to remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.003 microns (3). NanoProtect HEPA technology not only traps pollutants, but also uses an electrostatic charge to attract them, cleaning up to 2X more air than traditional HEPA H13 filtration with higher energy efficiency

Captures aerosols including those which may contain respiratory viruses. Tested independently by airmid health-group to remove up to 99.9% of viruses and aerosols from the air.

NanoCloud technology humidifies the air quietly and effectively with up to 99% less bacteria. NanoCloud works by natural evaporation to create an invisible mist of nano-sized molecules of pure water vapor. Due to their fine size, they humidify the air evenly and it's extremely difficult for bacteria and minerals to attach to them, preventing bacteria spread and white dust in your room.

Quickly humidifies the air with up to 500 ml/h of water humidification rate. It senses the humidity level in the air and automatically humidifies to the desired level. Choose 40%, 50%, 60% or 70% as your target humidity level, and the humidifier will automatically turn on or off to reach the desired humidity level.

AeraSense sensor scans the air 1000x a second and displays air quality in your home at a glance. The display shows the level of allergens and PM2.5 in numerical form, as well as with an intuitive color ring.

In Sleep mode, display lights are dimmed, and the purifier operates in near silence for clean air while you sleep. Certified by Quiet Mark.

Switch between 2-in-1 and purifier-only modes at the touch of a button. In automatic mode, the sensors intelligently choose the right speed for your home. Run your purifier in any of the automatic modes (general or allergen), sleep mode or choose from 4x speed levels: Speed 1, 2, 3 and Turbo – to be fully in control of the airflow and sound level.

Monitor the air quality and control your air purifier anytime, anywhere with the Clean Home+ app. Get alerted when air quality is not right.

More Information
Dimension of product (LxWxH)
396*230*580 mm
Water tank
3.5  L
HEPA, Active Carbon, Prefilter
CADR (Particle, GB/T) (1)
330 m3/h
Humidity rate (8)
500 ml/h
Particle filtration (3)
99.97% at 0.003 microns
Virus & aerosol filtration (5)
VitaShield technology
Allergen filtration (10)
Humidification room size (9)
Up to 80 m²
NanoCloud technology (6)
Up to 99% less bacteria
Purification room size (2)
Up to 85 m2
Humidification rate
600 ml/h
Automatic modes
General and Allergen
Cord length
1.8  m
Sleep mode
Humidity settings
40%, 50%, 60%, 70%
Manual speed settings
1,2,3, Turbo
4 wheels
Child lock
1~12 hour(s)
Max. power consumption
35  W
Stand-by power consumption
<2  W
220-240  V
Weight of product
8.00  kg
AeraSense technology
Particle level (PM2.5)
Air quality feedback
Color ring
Air quality feedback
Indoor Allergens Index (IAI)
Humidity level
Active Carbon
FY1413 - Up to 12 months
Humidifier Wick
FY2425 - Up to 6 months
NanoProtect HEPA
FY1410 - Up to 24 months
App, connects via Wi-Fi
Clean Home+
Smartphone compatibility
iPhone and Android devices